Professor Andreas Busch
Dr. Sabine den Hartog
Associate Professor
Dr. Aaron Cahill
Assistant Professor/Lyell Research Fellow
Dr. Clayton Magill
Assistant Professor/Lyell Research Fellow
Dr. Nathaniel Forbes Inskip
Amirsaman Rezaeyan
Shale pore scale characterisation (Supervisors: Prof Andreas Busch, Dr. Jingsheng Ma, Dr. Vitaliy Pipich)
Georgy Borisochev
Bridging pore scales in mudrocks to predict fluid flow from micropores to fractures: Integrating novel experimental techniques with advanced numerical modelling (Supervisors: Prof Andreas Busch, Dr. Jingsheng Ma, Dr. Lin Ma)
Lavinia Maria Stancampiano
Reconstructing early human landscape: combined organic matter-mineral insights to terrestrial ecohydrology (Supervisors: Dr Clayton Magill and Dr Jennifer Pratscher)
Ming Wen
The effect of cyclic subsurface hydrogen storage on the mechanical and transport properties of reservoir rocks (Supervisors: Dr. Sabine den Hartog, Prof. Andreas Busch, Dr. Kamal Singh, Dr. Jim Buckman)
Nick Harpers
Effects of flow-through on the hydraulic and frictional properties of fractures under geothermal conditions (Supervisors: Dr. Sabine den Hartog, Dr. Jim Buckman and Prof. Andreas Busch)
Paula S Gonzalez
Advancing Knowledge on Subsurface Fugitive Gas Migration Associated with Geoenergy Activities (Supervisors: Dr Aaron Cahill and Prof. Andreas Busch)
Sahriza Salwani Md BT Shah
CO2 storage in carbonates: Petronas project (Supervisors: Prof Andreas Busch, Prof Sebastian Geiger, Dr. David Dewhurst)
Tessa Plint
Stable isotopes analysis and biomarker identification in biological systems (Supervisor: Dr. Clayton Magill)
Tomos Alexander Phillips
Fluid transport in fractures of caprocks for CO2 storage (Supervisors: Prof Andreas Busch, Dr. Sabine den Hartog, Prof. Veerle Cnudde, Dr. Niko Kampman)
Wan Muhammad Luqman bin Sazali
Characterization of porosity and permeability in reservoir seals using an experimental and upscaled modelling approach (Supervisors: Prof. Andreas Busch and Dr. Jim Buckman)
Dr. Roberto Rizzo
University of Edinburgh
Dr. Fengshuang Han
Ningbo University of Science and Technology, China
Dr. Onoriode Esegbue
Newcastle University
Dr. Stephanie Zihms
University of the West of Scotland, UK
Dr. Yihuai Zhang
Imperial College London, UK
Dr. Zhengdong Liu
Northwestern University, China
Prof. Wei Li
China University of Mining and Technology Xuzhou, China
Zhengshuai Liu
China University of Geosciences, China